Relaxing and exhilarating yoga classes

Yoga with me takes you off into other spheres: You will experience serene relaxation and flexible flexibility, blissful joy, with a stress-let-go guarantee. From Laughter Yoga to Hatha to Yoga Nidra – Yoga with Noun touches all your senses.


Do you want to let go of stress and switch off the carousel of thoughts in your head? Are you longing for inner serenity and broadening your horizons?

Yoga does all of this!

Noun Yoga
Yoga Savasana with Noun

Hatha yoga offline and online

Hatha yoga combines breathing exercises (pranayama) and various postures (asanas) that are held for several breaths.

As a result, you experience physical strengthening and energetic cleansing. You improve coordination and fitness while releasing energetic blockages.

The deep relaxation (Savasana) at the end regenerates body and mind and restores missing energy.

More about Yoga and Hatha yoga

Yoga is immersing yourself in the depths of human existence. This path leads you to “supernatural” happiness.

Once your yoga light is lit, it never goes out. The more intensively you practise, the brighter the flame will shine. In a nutshell, yoga is the art of leading a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

Pranayama are the breathing exercises that have a purifying effect on the entire human system and thus promote the health of the respiratory organs and the heart, opening the body to a stronger flow of energy and more strength.

Asanas are the calmly held yoga postures in which you strengthen and stretch your body and improve your fitness and coordination. This gives you a better body awareness and, above all, releases energetic blockages.

Women and men who enjoy movement and slowing down are welcome. Beginners, the unathletic, the curious and experienced yogis and yoginis.

Hatha yoga with Noun: off- or online

Laughter yoga the «must-do» for more happiness

Laughter strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing powers. Because when we laugh heartily and unrestrainedly, our body releases happiness hormones. This also reduces stress hormones.

Laughter sets a positive cycle in motion, inspires, relaxes and brings you into the now. There is even a separate science, known as «gelotology», which deals with the successes and positive effects of laughter.

My laughter yoga classes are a colourful mix of exercises, games, music and surprises, always creative and spontaneously tailored to the needs of the group.

In the concluding laughter meditation, we laugh ourselves into a state of bliss together.

Laughter yoga is suitable for young and old children who know that laughter is the best medicine. Through laughter you come into contact with your inner child, where we are back to the self-healing powers.

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Noun Lachyoga

My approach to teaching

I teach the connection between body and mind in every lesson. My lessons are designed to strengthen your body awareness and self-confidence. They support you on your path to healing.

Anyone who wants to move, slow down and feel happier is welcome to join me: Women and men, beginners, the unathletic to super athletes, the curious to the shy. Especially if you come from the 🏳‍🌈 LGTBQ+ community.

I teach with recognition, respect and appreciation; in neutrality, discretion and trust.

Happy side effects that you can experience:

  • In yoga: joy, love and happiness
  • When meditating: Enlightenment and clarity
  • With Qigong: energy equalisation and gentle flow
  • With Pilates: Awakening the body’s intelligence in a variety of ways
  • Laughter yoga: bliss and the release of happiness hormones
  • Spinefitter training: a back that leaps for joy

    What a relaxing hour of yoga is worth

    Group class15€

    Personal Training85€

    Online Personal Training65€

    Laughter yoga priceson request

    Payment via bank transfer:

    Frank Felten, ES68 3076 0001 8726 3715 7724, Caja Siete

    Easy payment via PayPal:

    In private lessons or with a group