alegría by Noun:
True joie de vivre for precious souls


Transform your stress into lasting happiness and powerful health

Goodbye pain and stress!

Magical Ayurveda massages and training sessions

Have you had enough of:

  • too many thoughts, stress and pressure?
  • mental and physical pain?
  • conforming to social expectations?

Do you want your dark circles, bad complexion, imbalance and discomfort to finally disappear?

Then it’s time for Noun’s magical presence in your life! Let yourself be accompanied and touched.

Noun, a changemaker, who helps you find the path of loving healing to your true being.

Do you long to be all of this?

  • content
  • deeply relaxed
  • healthy and happy

Do you want to lead a joyful, fulfilled and peaceful life, be healthy and surrounded by love? Do you want to be able to follow the wishes and needs of your soul again?

Thanks to my deeply connected, joyful, supportive being, you will achieve so much more strength, inside and out. You become more agile, more balanced and more youthful. Your being becomes more upright, more conscious and happier.

Are you happy yet?

So that you:

  • grow continuously, I would like to be your source of inspiration.
  • shine through life, I would like to be your beacon of light.
  • see new possibilities, I want to be your horizon broadener.
  • live peace inside and out, I want to be your peace designer.
  • are the creator of your life full of power, I would like to be your creator of power.

You have the choice with me: just enjoy or get into action yourself to feel like new.

Your appointment for more bliss

Exclusively on the island of Tenerife and throughout Europe:

«There are moments that can't be put into words. You can only feel them.»

Happy clients

“In the Indian jungle a beautiful being appears from nowhere…And becomes best friend, soul brother and a wonderful Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist. Noun has a very rare and unique combination of gentleness, strength, sensitivity and absolute presence. He has a great understanding of the inner and outer body. He has developed an extraordinary love for this special treatment technique. He also has love and respect for all living beings. I have personally received many treatments from him. For me as a teacher it is pure joy.”

Dr. Taruna Sanjivani Director of the Sahasi Breastcare Institute, Nagpur / India, Instructor Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy
Dr. Taruna Sanjivani

“Noun is a great healer. An unusually positive, very mature movement-, treatment- and enthusiasm professional. And a friend to people.”

Alexander Bohlander Managing Director Springs Cologne & Polestar Pilates Europe, Osteopath, Trainer, Author
Alexander Bohlander

“If you have a chance to book a massage with Noun: praise yourself happy! An Ayurveda Yoga Massage from him is a very special feel-good experience; highly recommended. Whoever does not live or pass (vacation) time on Tenerife, should ask when Noun practices in Germany, (make sure to book early). Noun´s Pilates and Yoga sessions are also constructive, creative and effective, and he always finds the right exercises for any level.“

Anne Tucker Client
Anne Tucker

“The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy with Noun was a feast for body, mind and soul. Even though it is not a classical relaxation massage, I was able to relax and let go easily due to his calm and sensitive manner.“

Tobias Frank Teacher, Bodyworker & Author
Tobias Frank

“Noun is not only a great bodyworker and trainer, but also an inspiring mentor with intuitive wisdom. Through his own physical and spiritual practice and experience he is a role model to me and many others. To work with him is an immeasurable gift.”

Suva Schachner Spiritual Coach & Author
Suva Schachner