Magical Ayurveda Yoga Massage Therapy

Noun’s healing hands touch you on all levels! No massage is as deep, nourishing and transformative at the same time. We dive into the essence of your complaint and set them free.

This video allows you to switch off while watching:

Ayurvedic yoga massage therapy à la Noun goes very deep.

You can simply let yourself go.

His healing hands (and sometimes feet) can:

  • Release trauma
  • Awaken body wisdom
  • Melt away tension
More about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy

This massage therapy was developed in the early 1980s by the master Kusum Modak in Pune (India) and is now known worldwide. I had the great honour of learning it in India from Dr Taruna Sanjivani (a direct student of Kusum). I also had the honour of spending a few days with Kusum Modak.

The combination of the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and yoga can be experienced in this unique and effective treatment technique. It works on the roots of problems. We dissolve old patterns of behaviour in order to be able to relax deeply and sustainably.

It awakens the wisdom of the body. The valuable sesame oil has a detoxifying and revitalising effect. The Indian herbal powder stimulates blood circulation and skin regeneration.

The most wonderful thing about Noun's massages:

The warm oil and the fine Indian magic powder with a gentle exfoliating effect take you into indescribable moments of relaxation, lightness and security.

You give yourself 2 hours of uniqueness:

  • Loving, healing touch
  • Being seen, heard and cared for
  • Full acceptance, without judgement or exclusion

    Together with you, Noun will decide whether one session is enough for you or whether it is advisable to enjoy his healing hands several times.

    «You can open your space for courage, change & freedom.»

    Noun already has over 1000 treatments under his belt and is convinced that there is no substitute for human touch! Incidentally, this is also what his customers say, all of whom have given him 5-star ratings so far.

    What this magically relaxing massage is worth

    90 minutes125€

    (including a short medical history consultation beforehand. You need 30 minutes of reflection time after the treatment)

    Painless and deeply relaxed thanks to Noun

    Happy clients

    “Within 5 minutes of my ayurvedic yoga massage session I thought: ‘this is very good for me’. Different themes kept arising while we were steadily going through a sequence of treatments which obviously Noun has clearly done many times before. These words didn’t come out of my head, but actually from the body. And it felt so clear and true to me. It was wisdom. For me: ‘I still have a lot of room to grow too my full potential’. The yoga stretchings have had an direct and positive effect on my posture: It feels like I’m more aligned and ready to grow stronger. All this makes want to move to Tenerife in order to be able to have more sessions like this.”

    Alexander van Swinderen 
    Alexander van Swinderen

    “In the Indian jungle a beautiful being appears from nowhere…And becomes best friend, soul brother and a wonderful Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist. Noun has a very rare and unique combination of gentleness, strength, sensitivity and absolute presence. He has a great understanding of the inner and outer body. He has developed an extraordinary love for this special treatment technique. He also has love and respect for all living beings. I have personally received many treatments from him. For me as a teacher it is pure joy.”

    Dr. Taruna Sanjivani Director of the Sahasi Breastcare Institute, Nagpur / India, Instructor Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy
    Dr. Taruna Sanjivani