Pilates with and without Spinefitter Supertool

My world of movement is varied and versatile. My offer for you: Pilates and Spinefitter workouts offline or online, whenever it suits you. When we meet, I will tailor the class to your needs. Beginners to super athletes are welcome and right with me, for individual and group sessions.

The fantastic photos further down will give you an insight into Pilates and Spinefitter training – but I wholeheartedly recommend that you try it out and feel it for yourself.

Pilates with Noun

My approach to teaching

In every lesson I teach the strengthening of body and mind, from the inside and outside. My lessons are designed to strengthen your body awareness and self-confidence. They support you on your path to healing.

I teach with recognition, respect and appreciation; in neutrality, confidentiality and trust.

Happy side effects that you can experience:

  • In yoga: joy, love and happiness
  • When meditating: Enlightenment and clarity
  • With Qigong: energy equalisation and gentle flow
  • With Pilates: Awakening the body’s intelligence in a variety of ways
  • Laughter yoga: bliss and the release of happiness hormones
  • With Spinefitter training: a back that jumps for joy

    The Spinefitter makes your spine fit!

    Are you one of the 80% of the population who have back pain?

    If yes, you MUST come to a Pilates Spinefitter class! Because the Spinefitter is THE product that is currently conquering the world:

    • It is wellness for your spine.
    • It brings your back «back in balance».
    • It is the best training device for beginners and super athletes.
      More about Pilates

      Pilates is a multi-faceted, intelligent and healthy workout for body and mind. Pilates training starts in the mind, because it requires mindfulness and precision. We train the stabilising deep muscles that carry us upright, healthy and safely through everyday life. Strength, stretching and control help you to be more yourself.

      The training is exceptional and personalised. That’s why it’s suitable for everyone: Beginners, non-athletes, top athletes and curious women and men who want to exercise, strengthen and feel good.

      Are you more of a group or individual trainer?

      Wherever I am, I organise a group session and offer effective, in-depth individual training sessions. If you are in the same location, we will of course meet offline. Otherwise we connect and move online.

      Be fit, pain-free and in shape

      «You can be the creator of your life.»

      (Noun Felten)

      What an invigorating hour of Pilates is worth

      Group class15€

      Personal Training85€

      Online Personal Training65€

      Payment via bank transfer:

      Frank Felten, ES68 3076 0001 8726 3715 7724, Caja Siete

      Easy payment via PayPal:

      Happy clients

      “Pilates strengthens me, it makes me feel my body, brings me into my power and balance. Afterwards I feel that I have done something – physically and mentally – and I feel incredible. I love Noun´s calm, trusting manner, his huge treasure of knowledge, his understanding and empathy. He makes every student feel special.”

      Eva Schubert Student
      Eva Schubert