Yoga in Tenerife

“Yoga is the relaxation of thoughts in the mind.”

Yoga Unterricht auf Teneriffa
Yoga mit Frank

Yoga with heart, soul and for all senses

You don’t feel well in your body or you want to stop your thought carousel? You are looking for broadening your horizon?

You would like to bring more relaxation, calmness & peace into your inner life?

I help you to experience joy, love and happiness in an intensity you have never experienced before.

You learn to let go of stress, to become more relaxed and flexible. To feel happier and more balanced in your body.

Yoga in Tenerife: I offer these classes

I love & teach the mindful and varied Hatha Yoga, because it has transformed my body and mind into a healthy and harmonious compliance. However, I also teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Shivamukti, Yin and Yoga Nidra. Personally I practice Yoga 2-3 times a week.

Yoga creates the perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.

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Felsen Teneriffa
Yoga auf Teneriffa

What makes Yoga so special?

Yoga is diving into the depths of the human being. This path leads you into “supernatural” happiness.

The path of Yoga is unique. Yoga is solely an experience, and you have to experience it to know it.

Once your light of yoga is lit, it never goes out. The more intensively you practice, the brighter the flame will shine. In short, yoga is the art of living your life in a healthy, happy and meaningful way. Let me gladly accompany you on this path. I want to make your light visible.

Hatha-Yoga in Tenerife

Hatha-Yoga combines breathing exercises (Pranayama) and different postures (Asanas), which are held for several breaths.

This not only strengthens and stretches the body, but the asanas also develop their energetic effects.

Pranayama are the breathing exercises that have a purifying effect on the entire human system, thereby promoting the health of the breathing organs and the heart, opening the body for a stronger flow of energy and more power.

Asanas are the calm yoga postures in which you stretch your body, improve your condition and coordination, so that you get a better feeling for your body and, above all, release blockages.

The final Savasana (deep relaxation) thoroughly regenerates body and mind.

Just give it a try!


Is Hatha Yoga suitable for me?

Yes! It is suitable for people who are searching for movement and inner peace. All levels are welcome: Curious people, beginners, non-athletes, top athletes…

Happy clients

“With Noun´s radiant expertise, I can completely trust, let myself go and be sure that I am doing something very good for my body because he knows exactly “what to do”. I know that every training with him is incredibly good for my body and is again a step towards more health & joy of life”.

Daniela Mörbitz Student
Daniela Mörbitz

Trainings & Seminars

In 2021 you can take part in my feel-good seminars “Time for Yourself” at different locations in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and on my island Tenerife.

Experience concious time-out days just for you with a mix of relaxation, movement, meditation, Pilates , Yoga and nature.

You will learn valuable techniques that will make your everyday life easier and give you more relaxation and happiness.



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