Nihan Izgec-en

“Dear Frank, I enjoyed the entire atmosphere. It was absolutely wonderful to watch how strangers opened up to each other and grew together in such a short time. The whole structure was very well coordinated. For a short time, I personally had problems with the transitions from one extreme to the other, however, was very surprised how well it actually worked. It was a very special experience. Thanks to you.”

Fatih Peker-en

“Namaste dear Frank, I really liked your programme and I still feel inspired. I was very touched by you, your attentive and fine nature. The language you have for things, your guidance, the methods. I especially liked the blue mill, the meditation exercises, the mindful walking, Kundalini and the hike in the sunshine. During the hike I experienced the small impulses (cards on the ground) and the silence as very precious. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for those special days”.

Daniela Mörbitz-en

“With Frank’s radiant expertise, I can completely trust, let myself go and be sure that I am doing something very good for my body because he knows exactly “what to do”. I know that every training with him is incredibly good for my body and is again a step towards more health & joy of life”.

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