Pilates in Tenerife

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”
Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates Teneriffa
Frank Felten Pilates-Trainer

Pilates with heart, passion and inspiration

Would you like to improve your quality of life? You have back problems or you are often tensed and would like to bring more strength, relaxation & vitality into your life?

I will help you to become stronger and more flexible and to get to know the needs of your body. You will train your body effectively & lastingly and learn to be in your real centre.

I love and teach Pilates since 2005 and I am a proud Polestar Pilates Trainer. It brings my body and mind into a healthy and harmonious compliance. I practice my own Pilates session every day.

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Pilates in Tenerife: training for body and mind

Pilates is a multi-faceted, intelligent & healthy training for body & mind. A transformation to a better life. Pilates training starts in the mind. It requires mindfulness & accuracy. Strength, stretching and control helps you to be more yourself.

The training is as extraordinary & individual – as you are.

Pilates is a concept. A philosophy. An inspiration. I am happy to have you with me.

Pilates Frank Felten
Pilates mit Frank auf Teneriffa

Is Pilates suitable for you?

Pilates is for women and men who want to exercise, strengthen their body and feel good and who are motivated to be active 3-4 times a week.

All levels are welcome: Curious people, beginners, non-athletes, top athletes…

Fit and happy through Pilates

You will see how beneficial Pilates is for your body and your soul. After only a few sessions you will feel the positive effect.

Just try it out!

Happy clients

“Pilates strengthens me, it makes me feel my body, brings me into my power and balance. Afterwards I feel that I have done something – physically and mentally – and I feel incredible. I love Noun´s calm, trusting manner, his huge treasure of knowledge, his understanding and empathy. He makes every student feel special.”

Eva Schubert Student
Eva Schubert