My happy network

I did my educations here:

Sahasi Breastcare Institut

Polestar Pilates

Trimurti Yoga Indien

Osho Meditation Resort

Ela Narjes

Yoga Lehrer Online Akademie

Muraliya Tait

Suva Schachner

I am aducating here:

Sahasi Breastcare Institut

Sissel Academy

My Afilliatepartner:

Sissel GmbH*


My memberships:

Pilates Method Alliance

Yoga Alliance


Teaching, educating and presenting for these companys worldwide:

Sissel GmbH

Polestar Pilates GmbH

Sissel Academy


My Partners in Cologne & Germany:

Springs GmbH

Praxis Metternich

Annette Planck


My Partners in Tenerife:

Eva Schubert

Yoga with Eva in Tenerife:

Sunny Workation

Nativa shop for natural products

Godzilla Surfshop

Canary Surf Fruit


My Partner in Fuerteventura:

Anna Becherer

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alegría supports!

Every month I donate money to projects, which are sustainable, exemplary and worthy of support.

Last month a delicious donation went to  Somboon Legacy – a non-profit hands-off elephants’ sanctuary in Kanchanaburi | Thailand. My donation will be used to buy food for the rescued elephant lady Kammoon | translated as: sun and moon of the river.

Would you like to donate as well: I know Kammoon and Agnes, her rescuer personally. More information at

If you are in Thailand, you may visit them. I have already done this twice. Agnes has set up an exemplary project. The elephants are neither touched, trained nor ridden. They live in their natural environment – happy and content. Amazing!